Jones Flagship

Its rigid tail and its soft nose will offer superb sensations as much in a meter of fresh snow as at high speed carving on a track. Designed for riders of minimum intermediate level, this board by its maneuverability will fill it!

 Jones Mountain Twin

Do you like freestyle and freeride? Are you a good rider? This board all mountain will take you everywhere, it will revive your sensations of freestyleur thanks to its shape Twin. It is the most freestyle of the brand Jones, but it still retains a character very “Jones” ie rather solid, serious, rigid.

However, it could surprise a jibber at first contact!

Sister Twin

Lady’s version of the Mountain Twin, this board will be a pleasure to ride for the freestyler or the freerideuse even the least seasoned. Its unique twin shape in the Jones range will make it playful and tolerant.

Jones Women’s Hovercraft

It will be a real powdery delight for the experience lover loving slasher, getting off the corridors … and all this at high speed!

Its blunt nose and rigid tail offer great maneuverability but also great flotation to its rider in all conditions. The absence of powder will not slow it down, it will remain very pleasant even on tracks.